Erif Wang,CEO,EGLS: 3 Aspects of Severe Risk for Developing Online Games


Of a " war hero soul" is a dedicated phone Iger Las severe development and operation of online games company, team in China has experienced a decade of mobile game time , " fighting spirit " on IOS, Android has achieved a very good the results , to the Hong Kong and Taiwan and Russia have achieved good results, and now the company are being pushed Brazil, Turkey, Europe and the United States market .

Share to Las CEO Iger Shuang-Yi Wang , from the product , for a team, doing heavy mobile gaming has three problems that require attention : the first is the risk of the development of online games to experience severe due six months to a year or so , the team the costs are not always able quite to the final product successful on-line and distribution , this risk is needed very good grasp of standards, including after the product is made ​​into the issue of rhythm, including the promotion of rhythm China and overseas markets , have to think every step cost control the tempo , which is very critical, the team must have thought well, because the first product did not meet the operational value , it is not your team have enough money and time , and the results of your support behind the product.

The second is the risk of the technology and products . For a team, especially severe degree of MMO mobile gaming with the now traditional PC technology developed with the upper end of tour idea is no different . Look at the technical aspects of online games and more stability , stability, regardless of the client or the server , and the whole back end operational data service support platform , and come after product launch , we want to touch a lot of distribution channels and advertisers do a lot of marketing campaign , this time in your team can ensure adequate front-end and back-end operations is critical . This is a very big problem faced by many teams product , because a lot of the team is the first venture into the mobile game industry and research and development in the entire time and the accumulation of product release is no accumulation of experience . So starting today in Las Iger will put some entrepreneurial team, the main purpose is not only to support the capital , is more important is to give the team some of our many years of experience across technical, distribution and the channel , help them in technology and product risk less take some detours .

The third point is the risk of the market. Shuang-Yi Wang said before the team has done a lot of successful products , but they found a market for any good or bad is not the issue of a research and development company , and the company can control , this time depends on a team of product positioning time, it may try to locate a prospective . "I just said that the development of a hand travel time is six months to a year , then it is not to grab your customers, grab your orientation group , this is a very important thing, which is very sensitive to need attention , because the front technological risks and costs can be seen , it can be done controllable, this aspect should be zero risk , their expectations on the team , it should be like this . pushed even after this product is also facing a lot of problems , so it took a little bit to gamble feeling, or we often say that you do what you want to gamble masterpiece , in fact, I think the gamble is not masterpiece , but the market because after a long time after the product into the market later the benefit is proportional to get your input, this is gambling , it is not controllable. risk we have to face is the only team of market risk , cost and technical risks in front of the team can be done controllable, if the team these uncontrollable , then you have to think of ways to find investors and operators to get their help to keep costs down to less.

Shuang-Yi Wang concluded that severe probability of success online , or replicating successful , is that these three aspects of your team to do better , so that it can negotiate with publishers and channels for better conditions for cooperation .