Ryan Weber, Co-Founder of NativeX: Emphasizes the Purchasing Power of Little Girls


Nativex from the United States , co-founder Ryan Weber in his keynote address the first to share the company's situation , to give us a review after the U.S. market , and finally introduced to the U.S. market driven factors.

Ryan introduced to , Nativex is an American company , in San Francisco, Minnesota and other places have branches, there are many very capable designers , their abilities are good , there are also local game design team. From the game companies can do a lot of services , including many innovative services , " the company is one of our game's inception , and we will do some Android platform , or a platform other manufacturers and we can share the ad and now we help these developers use a variety of incentives and non- incentive advertising. though our focus is the Western markets, including we have a very famous game, we do in Western markets is relatively successful , but at the same time , Asia is also our city , we conducted two of the most famous games realized . "
For the U.S. market , Ryan said the United States and North America are very strong market , not to be missed . "Right now in the United States , 50 % of users are playing mobile games , you can see the end of 2013 there will be 150 million hand tour players . And basically Americans in the United States will spend three hours in a day using their mobile phones, 1 / 3 of the time is used to play the game , the game can be seen on the phone is the first major project time-consuming . "

For market drivers , Ryan said , including some of the following areas: some purchasing some advertising. "First of all you can see penetration IOS system , we have the penetration rate of 41% -51 % of Android , IOS tablet also has a significant role , with Bian Zhuo concerned, you can see the IOS can generate 2.3 times more revenue I have a friend from the top of the hand travel companies , they shift the focus of casual games , the executive told me that casual games in the United States than in other games , especially casual games higher than China five times revenue we look forward ranks very casual game ranked first is " broken candy " , resulting in 15 million to 20 million U.S. dollars in revenue every month.

Why do people love to play in the U.S. casual games ? The reason is that women 's preferences, and the spending power of women in the United States dominates , but they are also a major technical equipment as well as major buyers of media , since many female consumers with a smart phone , which is in charge of their family 's financial power , which is why they will spend more money , such as my wife can spend more money. In addition , it is also true for the kids , a lot of women are allowed their children to play these games , because the purchasing power and influence now , female consumers are very important in the U.S. market , which is why casual games among young people and in the female market have gained a lot of favor. I would like to say , while the rest of us kind of game is doing well, another kind of game it is very good value realization , you can see the game in addition to priority , other games have done too bad. "
For advertising, "We're talking about the casual games and other games are can generate income , monthly income of up to three million dollars and we came to see me a friend 's company, he published a leading RPG 's games, RPG games in the United States entered the top 15 list of IOS , he has done very well, he hopes to continue to advance these RPG inside ad in this field , he considered not been fully excavated , so you can see a lot of ads have emerged in the screen above , you can upgrade 30 % of revenue, generating huge revenues , these ads can also be seen as content. Maslow's human needs , from bottom to top are basic human needs to the people of higher evolution of demand, higher up is not important, but the senior needs, with the development of the game industry , this demand will be high-end development . "
For the realization of the game , Ryan said, " endless runner " They help the realization of the game , "They came to us and said a few years want to do a unique advertising , you can help us to do , in fact, than the standard ad formats , but we At that time you want to sell some of the inventory, then this is basically an advertising content and format of the game is very match . then we hope for these developers to add more value, we also gave them a new ad to promote appropriate , they finally accepted , and we also think that this is based on the latest technology to make the outcome of the evolution of advertising , it also brings great benefits. from the beginning , we created a technique to achieve a more flexible with the times of design, advertising design you can see this contains many elements can be seen through the new ad delivery to 24 % growth , this format is completely new format that can be used , you can touch a variety of new media by which we can reach also the predictive analysis , we can improve the conversion rate , meaning that the conversion rate increased at least three times to six times, this is a very large increase , we can more widely influence the users our net income also increased through improved ad performance itself , for all sorts of benefits will greatly promote our problem is explored why some games in the United States is much higher than China 's gains , which the problem is that I have thrown out , and now we know, because we have the buying power of women , there is a child younger women have contributed to the purchasing power of such a result , so we need to effectively use in-game advertising to right these target groups constitute more impact . "
Ryan finally expressed the hope that next year in March and we further establish friendship in Beijing .