Third Wave’s Barak: Letting Mobile Games to Use New Media to String Comic Movies


Similarly third wave of partner from the United States , Mr. Barak H.Bussel to introduce the game in the movie.
Barak today highlights some of the latest trends in Los Angeles , as well as how to better the game and film production fusion and integration.
Barak shared that he personally is very much like a comic book , 8 -year-old began to like comic books. He said that in the past four decades in which the course of the game industry , one thing is very interesting , and that is the game more and more important, especially mobile games , changed the way of learning , entertaining way , a way to interact with the movie .
He said that in the U.S. there is a very important trend , and that is a joint movies and games can get very big success , a lot of games and movies are all learn from each other , including the "X -Men ," " Iron Man ," " Revenge Alliance " , can achieve a good alliance between movies and games , " many Chinese people know the three countries , know wise , knowing the Monkey King , no matter what kind of movie or what kind of game , just based on the Three Kingdoms or Journey as the theme , we can naturally feel the intimacy , you can also bring a natural emotional connection in the United States is a similar case , as I was born in this era of people , we are very iconic cultural game characters has a very clever somehow linked . "
Barak , for example , " The Avengers " and said they grew to 1.5 billion dollars in revenue , has become all types of rapid growth in the third film , which is based on the comic book cartoon movie. He said that in the past they did not introduce an old-fashioned game , but directly made ​​a Facebook version , and it is always a wider range of past traditional approach contrasts and now , you can find it excels . Many companies , the first month of sales will reach a peak, then plummeted , but the Facebook version of the performance was different, this is 35 million game players severe , and film screenings in the year before taking office after such a game .
For the combination of art and games , Barak referred to Los Angeles , he said, the positioning of Los Angeles is a very unique , first of all this is the work of the studio in Hollywood , Los Angeles is very dominant , there are a lot of companies are gathered for the mainstream in Los Angeles in addition, in such a magical place in Los Angeles , the Pacific coast , is also very good tourist destination, to provide them with a very good and beautiful scenery, so they can put these combine art and the story was very well together .

Barak also shared that some of the company's past success is the ability to capture our imagination, to attract our imagination . Traditionally , sometimes the first tour film , the game is behind the emergence of these companies in the future will also see the use of new media to create a new way for us to experience this story , using the new hardware new media experience . "So we can see that the traditional model increasingly irrelevant , in fact, a good movie can be derived from a very good mobile game , or a popular book can also be derived from some online comic book , in short, no has a relationship, we can already witness to such a trend occurs in all aspects , for example, some independent filmmakers , they first want to see is some social game, you can interact with their audience reach , we can also see to some of the trends that some of the classic characters , not just the paper 's role , it can exist in a variety of games and a variety of movies being . "
Barak said that the future success of the company must be able to take advantage of the power of new media , and allow into these new comic books, movies, as well as elements of the game, moving the game as a powerful tool string to put these things together , and that the company will be able to become great company.