David Helgason, CEO of Unity: Chinese Publishers are Playing a Dangerous Game by Starving Game Developers

David Hangeson

David Helgason, CEO of Unity, gave a talk at the GMGDC in Chengdu today.

David admitted that Unity, which has been providing tools to help improve the game industry for 11 years, partly due to their ‘arrogance’, ignored 2D for a long time, solely focusing on providing 3D tools. But as of last week, Unity now offers 2D tools for game developers.

When Unity first came to China, they vowed to integrate and localize well, and now has a team of 50 people in China. Since coming to China, Unity has created partnerships with many local companies such as 360, Interserv and many more. It is also working with Xiaomi, bringing games to Xiaomi’s appstore, which offers game developers that use Unity many extra privileges.

David finished his keynote by saying that he sees that China is blessed with great entrepreneurial spirit and that he has never seen games being developed faster anywhere else in the world. He did want to warn the Chinese community that Chinese publishers are playing a very dangerous game by taking too much money from game developers, starving them, and that they should give more money to developers.