GMGDC: Interview with the CEOs of and Playcrab


During the morning session of the first day of GMGDC in Chengdu, Andy Tian, the CEO of Asia Innovations, sat down with Harry Xiao, the CEO of, and Kevin Ye, the CEO of Playcrab for a chat.

During the chat, Harry Xiao mentioned several times that’s main focus is to provide users with the content they like, not generating revenue. He also said that is currently offering 50/50 revenue sharing with game developers, and will ensure this to remain the same for next year. Kevin Ye followed up on this, saying that it is important for game developers and channels to work on a win-win basis, and that he hopes to maintain the 50-50 revenue share.

When asked what Playcrab’s strategy is to gain a large number of users and revenue, Kevin replied that their strategy is to first develop and improve their games in the first 2 years before starting to focus on monetizing them.

For 2014, Harry said the main opportunity he sees for channels is to stay up to date on what users’ needs and to create competitive features that other channels do not provide.

As for game developers, Kevin recognizes that the market is becoming more crowded and that the intensifying competition will become a bigger challenge, and plans to launch 3 to 5 games in 2014.