Jie Chen, VP of 360: Android will account for 80% of mobile game revenue in China in 2014

Jie Chen

On the first day of GMGDC in Chengdu, Terry Chen, VP of 360, held a keynote sharing some interesting predictions for 2014.

Terry started by noting that Chengdu is an important city for 360, where it works with many local game developers that generate about 10 million RMB every month.

She noted that the Chinese mobile game market generated 10 billion RMB in 2013 and predicts this to double to 20 billion RMB in 2014. 360 predicts that Android will account for 80% of the revenue, with the argument that Android’s platform is much more open than iOS.

She also shared that 360 now boosts 300 million users, and sees that card games are currently the most popular type of mobile game in China.