Dino Ying: “Come to Chengdu, Love Chengdu”

Dino Ying

Dino Ying Dino Ying, President of CMGE, started his speech today by expressing how much he loves Chengdu, how he gets a sense of belonging in this city, and how efficient the Chengdu government is being about helping startup mobile game developers. He told us that CMGE has 200 employees in Chengdu, and that the number is still growing rapidly, because he constantly finds new talents here, or he called them dreamers with big ideas that he likes to help achieve their goals. 

He also shared with us an interesting story about the reason why mobile game investors should come to Chengdu and love Chengdu; “about 2 months ago, he was at a local mobile game developers event, where he saw 2 developing teams demonstrating their games, and after that, they approached him to ask his opinion, he didn’t like the games, and he was honest with them in the kindest way possible, and they asked him if they can meet him at the morning after to give him another look. He agreed to that, so they came to him again, without sleeping the previous night, improving the game a %100, he was very impressed by their ambition, and ended up signing them to work with him. And now they’re doing great at the 91 store.” 

He thinks success is really about Right Timing and luck, but with the ambition of the numerous small developing teams in Chengdu, that could happen more often, and that’s why mobile game investors should come to Chengdu and love Chengdu.