GMGDC’s 1st Keynote: Chengdu & Moloong’s Role in Free-to-Play Gaming Era

Rety Chen

At the 1st day of the conference, Rety Chen joined us on stage as the first keynote speaker, to share with us his views on the game industry in Chengdu. He started by saying how sad he was about Flash, Java web games going obsolete, then he told us about the 5 aspect of current mobile games (Light, Light Medium, Medium, Hard Core, and Hard Hard Core).

He expressed how amazed he was by the government of Chengdu, describing it as excellent, because it’s being very supportive of all the new young mobile games talents existing in Chengdu, but unfortunately, they’re not connecting well with the outside world.

And he ended his speech by telling us about Moloong Technology, which started 2 years ago, and its Head Quarters is still in Chengdu, adding that their secret of success is; long hours, dedication, good free-to-play products, starting from Chengdu going global, and if anyone is seeking success in Chengdu, they should join forces with them.