2013 Global Mobile Game Producers Awards—Tianfu Awards Selectees List Announced


Tianfu Awards is co-organized by Chengdu Hi-tech Zone and the Global Mobile Game Confederation, and is the industry’s leading award. It aims to explore more excellent mobile game developers, project teams, game companies, to nurture and find excellent developers, converge mobile game industry resources, services, and to serve the majority of mobile game developers, thus bring great Chinese games to the world and vice versa, to promote the game industry at locally and internationally for extensive cooperation and exchanges.

After the online open vote on Sep 2013, it received a lot of attention and participation from all around the world, from over 10 countries and more than 200 companies in the mobile game industry.


As of Nov 6th, 18:00, and after all the intensive and rigorous review from the evaluation committee’s judges, and going through the online votes multiple times, combined with the GMGC Testin’ Intelligent terminal game test certification report, and the judges comprehensive three score evaluation methods, the official list of finalists of 2013 Global Mobile Game Producers Awards—Tianfu Awards is out.

2013 Global Mobile Game Producers Awards—Tianfu Awards Selectees List:

2013 Global Mobile Game Producer of the Year:

Xingshan Hu — I’m MT

Hulei Wancheng — Da Zhang Men

Chen Mo — Qin Mei Ren

Wang Sheng –Dragon Force

Shainiel Deo — Fruit Ninja

Liu Liang — Dota Baby

Zhang Xin — Armed Heroes

Wangyi Yong –Dragon’s  Summon

Yang Xiangji — Galaxy Empire

Bodie — Subway Surfers

2013 Global Mobile Game Team of the Year:

Supercell — Clash of Clans

GungHo — Puzzle & Dragons

Good321 — The World

Muhe Network Technology — Lies of  Astaroth

Gameloft — Ironman 3

Soco game– Grow away

CMGE — War Valley

Rekoo — Ren Jiang


Haowan123 — Fan Xian

2013 Global Mobile Game Company of the Year:

Blue Harbor Online The Legend of King Project Team — The Legend of King

Guangzhou Silverside Space Hunter Team – Space Hunter

7K7K Zhi Qu Studio — Fengkuang De Fangyan

King — Candy Crush saga

Pipgame Clarks Studio — Runes of War

Melesta Games — Toy Defense

Zeptolab — Pudding Monster

Ai Youxi Tianyou Studio — Thunder Fighter

Ultralisk — Jiu Guniang OL

Hardcore Studio — Pa Pa Sanguo


The winners will be announced on Nov 23rd, 19:30, Global Mobile Game Producers Awards—Tianfu Awards Ceremony. Location: New International Convention & Exposition Center, Century City, Chendu, China.