Nordic Visit: Hwa David and his 15-people startup team Bakumens


Nordic Visit: Hwa David and his 15-people startup team Bakumens


There are two Taiwanese in this GMGC Nordic delegation. He has been in the mainland for almost 10 years, and was working as a developer with a company. He keeps a low profile but actually he was the producer of the most popular game in 2002 "Heroes of the Three Kingdoms"!


Hwa David is not lured by the overheated capital market. He said the company focused only on the game.

During the Nordic trip I met King's Game Guru (Master of the Game), and I’d like to call David the Game Guru of Taiwan!

David said his team has been of 15 members since in 2009: five art designers, four planners, five programmers and a tester. Back in 2009 there were only two members, and when the game started to make money he wanted to build a company. Thus began the Bakumens.

David also specifically stressed that the company’s self-developed cross-platform game development engine. He said the purpose of the engine was to protect their program codes! It turns out to be a good decision. With this engine they has developed 20 games such as A little world (4,000,000 downloads) and Bowling 2 (5,000,000 downloads).

When asked why the company is called Bakumens (Baku means "eat nightmares" in Japanese), David told me that he wanted the company to make a lot of interesting games!

The annual revenue is 20 million, mainly from overseas, and the annual net profit rate is over 50%.

Today, Phoenix media acquired 64% of the shares of Muhenet for 320 million RMB. Last night we board with Muhenet CEO Wu Bo to Helsinki, and after the dinner buffet, Wu disappeared from the crowd. He might be busy with today's announcement or accepting media interviews. This capital strength did not lure Hwa David at all. When walked together this morning, David said: Although the recent investment market is hot and PE is high, our company just wants to focus on games, good games! The company is like the Danish game company Sybo!



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