GMGC G+ Swedish mobile gaming innovation salon in Stockholm


GMGC VA SMA members gathering


On 20th at 19:00, the G+ Salon Sweden, co-organized by GMGC, SMA Swedish Mobile Association and Voice of Game, was hosted at the Innovation Center in downtown. NIklas, Vice President of the Swedish Agency for Investment and Trade, angel investor Kerstin Cooley (who invested in ROVIO’s Angry Birds), Fishbrain CEO Johan, CEOs from wearable devices and somatosensory equipment companies attended this event.

SMA founder Mr. Thomas presented to the attendees GMGC Secretary-General and Nordic delegation leader David Song from China.

Throughout the event, what we felt was the enthusiasm of Swedish mobile game industry, and the frank communication between people. David Song on behalf of the organizers thanked all the attendees and introduced the general situation of Chinese mobile game industry as well as the members of the delegation and their companies in China. At the scene he also did a small test. As a result in 20% of the Swedes used WeChat. As a newly launched platform in China, WeChat not only offers Chinese but also overseas developers a new platform and opportunity considering the number of its overseas users.


The Chinese attendees also included Li Xinyu Chairman of Talkweb, Chen Mo CEO of Mokylin, Wu Bo CEO of Muhenet, Hua Dawei CEO of Bakumens, Tang Wei CEO of, Zheng Bingmin COO of, R2Games CEO Jared, GMGC Nordic CEO Jacob and so on.


In the salon, many Swedish mobile innovators or startups showed at the scene smart watch products, Bluetooth multiplayer interactive music games, and location-based games for AR technologies. From a technical point of view, they are relatively mature, but from the perspective of CP, how to build them into games and how to monetize is still an issue.



G+ Sweden Mobile Game Salon

Take Bluetooth music games for example. It has very strict requirement for application scenarios. The effective sensing distance of the keyboard will also directly affect the user experience of the game. Currently within 3-5 cm distance the multiplayer experience is fine, but when the distance gets longer, the sensing effect will be reduced.


So many innovative products often requires some time to develop the market, or it is more practical when the market is fully mature.