King’s producer:”A good mobile game catches users’ attention in 60-90 seconds”



King (Malmo Studio) GM Kim


OnVoice of Game interviews King(Sweden) about how to build "Candy Crush Saga". August 19, 2013, GMGC delegation of 10 people went to Malmo, Sweden's third largest city, and visited the famous game company King. They conducted in-depth exchange with the game development studio of King’s second branch company. Kim, general manager of the Studio, shared his experience with GMGC members on the success of Candy Crush Saga: corporate culture; a small team; family care

King is positioned to build high-end games, thus forming a corporate culture among the developers and teams.

A small team helps in better decision-making and innovation, aiming to create a good development environment.

In terms of family care, Nordic people have very good habits. They go to work at 8:30 am, and leave at 5:00 pm or 5:30 pm. After work, they will spend time with their family or friends. Yesterday when we arrived the studio at 5:30, all employees have left work and Kim had to work overtime to receive us.

Currently King has branch offices in Sweden (Stockholm, Malmö), Barcelona and London, and the daily income is nearly two million dollars, with about 500 employees worldwide. Games developed by King has a DAU of 70 million (as of May 2013), making it the top 3 mobile game companies together with Japan’s GungHo and Finland’s Supercell.

During the visit, Kim highlighted how Candy Crush SAGA utilized social media for marketing. He stressed that a good mobile game catches users’ attention in 60-90 seconds. If not, it might get difficult in user retention.





Currently King (Malmo) has a team of 30 people, and in the future this number will be 50. Another game, Pet Resuce Saga, which has been only promoted on Facebook, has over 11 million daily active users. They are very confident that the number will soar if King integrates its marketing channels. Their promotion is relatively simple: put the game on app stores to see the performance, and then invest more resources for the overall marketing. So before they comprehensively promote a game, they at least have completed the user experience evaluation and improvement. Therefore their games are easier to be successful than other games, and probably that is why Candy Crush series are such a hit.