Game House focuses on development and incubation of mobile games in Denmark

Game house is located in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark and is a development & incubation service platform focusing on entertainment and investment of casual games. It is also involved in animated films, investment and financing. Game house was founded in 2005, with Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Investment Promotion Institute's official support.


As an important partner of Lego, Game house put Lego color elements into its periodic table for project development and progress management.


Game house has launched three to four horse racing games, including game development outsourcing business.

Game house developed some apps and games for museums, and directional outsourcing services for large companies such as developing commercial apps of mobile medical for Siemens and other companies.

Startup teams of 5-10 members can apply to incubate at Game house (a bit like the Garage coffee and 3W coffee in China). A well-known game Limbo was developed at Game House. Game House helps many entrepreneurs to create a good atmosphere of cooperation through sharing experiences on game art, creativity and management and help more game companies share  its resources.

Game House also helps other game development teams with outsourcing cooperation. Game operators can establish business connection with all game developers with high efficiency! It is like a one-to-multiple business mode.