Bodie, producer of Subway Surfers, talked about the mobile opportunities in moderate games



On August 20, 2013 at local time 10:00am, GMGC CEO delegation visited the producer of one of the most popular games from Nordic: Subway Surfers.


GMGCdelegation visits Sybo Games

On a small street with two hundred years of history in Copenhagen dwells a world-famous game development team, Sybo Games. It is a team of only 20 people. Now its first product, Subway Surfers, has nearly 32 million DAU per day, 25 million monthly active users, and a quarterly retention of up to 70% of users. These numbers show how popular the game is. At present, the majority of the players are from the United States and Asia.




                                               Free working environment


Sybo Gams CEO Bodie told the GMGC delegation that currently the company has three games in the operation, one in operation and distribution, two in R & D, and another in preparation. The whole team has 20 people, including 10 art designers, four programmers, and others are product managers, business, and marketing staff. Mr. Bodie said the core of Subway Surfers is to make it easy for starters. Players from 3 years to 80 years old can get started, and continue playing. So they concentrate more the game's art design, character design, including putting into more fashion element, thus allowing make players more addicted!

The development team initially had five members, and only about 20 people so far. Kiloo is responsible for the distribution.

When Chen Mo, a GMGC member and the CEO of MOKYLIN asked Mr. Bodie the most important factor for a successful game, Bodie was very straightforward: “Timing!”



The art designer

Mr. Bodie said that current games are either hard-core or casual. But Sybo proposes a moderate game concept. Hard-core games require better hardware as well as network connection. Moderate games, however, utilize the social, LBS and sharing features, making it easy to get started and enhance interpersonal communication. To seize the opportunity of moderate games, the most important thing is to strengthen the team's innovation and incentives. In terms of incentives, Sybo Games gives team members stock shares to stimulate the enthusiasm of the development team. For future games, it will establish sister companies, and allow the core team to hold stock shares of the sister companies. This is a way to retain the team.

Sybo is probably the most profitable mobile game company in Danmark. GMGC delegation visits Sybo. (figure)