GMGC Wednesday Dinner – “CP talks”


On August 14, the GMGC Wednesday Dinner was held in Beijing. The dinner invited Ye Kai, CEO of Playcrab technology, and Ying Shuling, CEO of Joyo Games, with the theme "CP talks". Attending guests includes Hua Kun the co-founder of Shanghai Youkede, Wu Chunlei the founder / chairman and CEO of PearlinPalm, Zhang He the co-founder of Domob, Luan Zhongyao the CEO of eitGame, Nihai Yu the CEO of Talentwalker, Song Yang the CEO of Guangyu online, Xu Rongchang the founder and CEO of BRtech, Zhang Xinhua the Vice President of RollingStones Mobile, and David Song, Secretary-general of GMGC.

We might have thought that the current development of mobile games is aggressive, and so will be their company executives. However at the dinner, they are very open-minded with each other for mutual advice. For the current mobile game market, Ye Kai said that it did not take too much time developing The Master. It is important to focus on the product itself, but in terms of how to distribute it in the market there is still a lot to ask. PearlinPalm CEO Wu Chunlei said he wanted to have a breakthrough in this market, and asked Ye Kai for a good name of the game, but Ye shook his head: "I do not know, and I never thought of The Master as a good name."

Guests also exchanged their views on exploring the South Korea and Japan market, the copyright issues and even the AV actresses.

In addition, Song Wei invited all of the guests to participate in September 14 GMGC Mid-Autumn Festival event and introduced the Global Mobile Game Developers Conference by the end of November in Chengdu.