Mobile Game Alliance Of China: Collaboration, Cooperation and Globalization


In the evening of August 12, the second plenary meeting of Mobile Game Alliance Of China was held in Beijing. Some of the distinguished attendees included: Li Ruijie, chairman of ZQ Game, Song Wei, secretary general of GMGC (Global Mobile Game Conference), Hu Ming, vice president and secretary of the chairman of Huayi Brothers, Shangguan Hong, vice president of B-raymedia, Li Wen, representative of chairman of Talkweb Information System Corporation, Zhao Yujie, chairman of Development and Research Center of GF Securities, Xu Yaowen, special representative of the chairman of Songcheng Ltd, Li Minghui, special Assistant of chairman of ZQ Game. The meeting also offered a live broadcast to other members through Wechat.

The meeting voted to elect the director general of the Alliance, executive director and secretary general, as well as the presidents of the Sub-alliances in East China, South China and Southwest China. The members also reached a high degree of consensus as to the nature, objectives, responsibilities, rights, obligations, practice of rotation, membership fee and other aspects of the Alliance. They stressed that, members of the Alliance must strengthen self-regulation in the industry, seek collaboration and carry out mutual supervision, maintain the stability of capital market of mobile game industry , ensure the smooth flow of information, so that more and more Chinese enterprises can reach out to the globe!


A toast to the Alliance !(From left: Xu Yaowen、Li Wen、Shangguan Hong、Hu Ming、Li Ruijie、Song Wei、Li Minghui、Weng Jingwu、Zhao Yujie)

Mobile Game Alliance Of China (MGA) was initiated by Li Ruijie, Song Wei and co-founded by Li Xinyu, Hu Ming, Yao Wenbin, Cai Dongqing, Lv Gongyi, Zhao Yujie, Li Qing, Xu Yunxiang, Liu Nan and some other well-known corporate executives. It was set up officially in July 27, 2013 in Shanghai. Up to now, the majority of initiators and members are chairmen (or secretaries general of them) of major Chinese listed companies (both at home and abroad) and security companies. MGA is a non-political, non-profit organization, which is dedicated to setting up a non-governmental business cooperation platform for investment and acquisition in Chinese mobile game industry.

To become a member of the Alliance , one must be invited, and he or she must also be chairman or secretary general of chairman of listed Chinese companies (in some cases, he or she can be specially-invited experts of this industry). In addition to that, the approval of three or more directors is required.

The Alliance  aims to enhance friendship, promote cooperation, seek common development, integrate quality resources within the industry, and provides timely and effective investment, financing, and acquisition information as well as relevant services for members. It also actively promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry. According to the actual needs of development, the Alliance is headquartered in Beijing, and offices are set up in Shanghai, Shenzhen, covering eastern and southern regions of China.

In the evening of August 12, the second meeting of the Alliance took place. The participants reached agreements on the amount of annual fee, the election of directors and director general as well as the future work of the Alliance. July 27 was chosen as the date for annual meeting. It was also determined that the director general of the Alliance will be changed in rotation (one year for a term). It was decided that an autumn yacht club with the theme of "A Bright Moon Over the Sea" would be held in Shenzhen on September 16, 2013. The event will be organized by the company-on-duty of this year, ZQ Game.

After an open ballot election, Mr Li Ruijie was elected chairman of the Alliance  and president of South China branch; Mr Song Wei, executive director general and secretary general; Mr Lv Gongyi, president of Southwest China branch; Mr Li Qing, president of East China branch.

Mr Li Ruijie, the newly-elected (also the first) director general of the Alliance passionately said that he, together with Song Wei, had initiated the establishment of the Alliance in the hope of helping avoid malicious competition within in the industry, promote the A-share listed companies to keep a sustainable and healthy development as well as work jointly to reach out to the globe step by step. Mr Hu Ming and Ms Shangguan Hong said that they joined the Alliance mainly for learning and sharing, hoping to come into contact with more mobile game companies, developers, players and other people involved in the industry chain. They also wanted to carry out deep cooperation with other parties with the power of the Alliance.

Mr Song Wei expressed his expectation that the Alliance can become a platform for business exchange and cooperation between listed companies, a channel for the sharing and publishing of information within the mobile game industry, a bridge and tie for the investment, acquisition,cooperation of listed China companies both home and abroad. He stated that the Alliance, as the third party, should stay neutral.

The Alliance will organize cross-industry events on a regular basis so as to promote friendship and cooperation. It will also help GMGC to go global, fulfilling the principle of the alliance: being the third party, keeping the neutrality, going global.


Members of Management of MGA (2013)

Board of Directors:

Li Rui-jie, Song Wei, Li Xinyu, Yao Wenbin, Wang Zhongjun, Hu Ming, Cai Dongqing, Lv Gongyi, Zhao Yujie, Chen Lv, Xu Yunxiang, He Jia, Li Qing, Liu Nan, Zheng Kedong, Shangguan Hong, Huang Qiao Ling, Zhang Xian, Gongshao Hui, Yang Xiaoliang etc.

Standing Directors:

Li Rui-jie, Song Wei, Li Xinyu, Yao Wenbin, Wang Zhongjun, Cai Dongqing, Lv Gongyi, Gongshao Hui, Huang Qiao Ling

Director General: Li Ruijie

Executive Director General (Secretary General): Song Wei

South China Branch President: Li Ruijie  Secretariat : Zhao Yujie

Southwest China Branch President: Lv Gongyi  Secretariat: Shangguan Hong

East China Branch President: Li Qing    Secretariat: Xu Yaowen

Secretariat: Beijing