Wang Feng: Slow Heating and Less Instant Noodles

wfOn June 28, 2013, hosted by the GMGC and sponsored by Socogame, GSMA Mobile Asia Expo Mobile Games Forum was held in the exhibition center.

Linekong CEO Wang Feng, top partner of GMGC2014-2016 was invited to make the opening speech. He talked about two products that affect the life of many Chinese people: 1. Fast heater; 2. instant noodles.

I believe that many people in their 30s have similar memories of these two products. Back in school life, instant noodles were quite popular! Today such products as instant noodles still affect our lives and create a "fast food culture."

The other day when Wang Feng was having a private meeting with Lediaitong CEO Xing Shanhu, they compared those two products with current mobile games in China. Surprisingly, they found quite lot similarities between them. 

Two years ago, senior vice president of Tencent Liu Chengmin mentioned publicly: a market that everyone understands is definitely not a ideal one, and quick success is not necessarily a good thing!

Muhenet CEO Wu Bo also presented his point of view during GSMA Mobile Asia Expo GMGC Mobile Games Forum: this year everyone is making card games, and they are like copycats.

Another title of Wang Feng is the chairman of GMGC Product and Creation Committee. During the forum today, he called on that game developers do not make "instant noodle" games! Copycatting will deprive us from original contents and creative user experience; Copycatting games look like instant noodles whose taste does not last.

Finally, Secretary General of GMGC also called on game developers to make rational decisions about mobile gaming trends and make less “instant noodles”!