Hamish McKenzie on Zynga vs. Supercell


In the blue corner, Zynga has been in the news alot recently, portrayed as a struggling giant, with many pundits suggesting a Scarface-like success curve for the company. Zynga has seen siginificant drop in stock prices and, most recently, has had to lay off 18% of its work force. Supercell, in the red corner, is the Finnish creator of the wildly successful Clash of Clans, and also made Hay Day which I've actually never played because I have allergies. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Supercell has been raking in money like nobody's business (not gonna spoil it but you won't believe the number!), so the company has been used by many commentators as the golden child for the industry. This has made Supercell an ideal foil for commentators like Pandodaily's Hamish McKenzie to compare against Zynga, who was an equally promising company when they were that age.


Hamish gives a great 5 part breakdown of the factors affecting Supercell's success and Zynga's struggle. To read the original article, just click here.



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