GameZone: Mobile puzzler The Room breaks 2 million sales

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Mobile puzzler The Room breaks 2 million sales


Apple's selection for best iPad game of 2012 has achieved a new milestone. The Room has now passed 2 million in sales since its September launch.

Fireproof Studios' commercial director Barry Meade made the announcement at the Game Horizon conference in the U.K. today., according to Joystiq. That's a lot of progress since January — mere months ago — when the puzzle-mystery game hit the 1 million mark.

"We did not want to do a better version of someone else's game, or an update of a genre," Meade said at Game Horizon. "We thought we're not doing our jobs properly if we don't add to what's out there. As a game creator that's your responsibility. If you're not doing that, if you're chasing what other people are doing, you don't deserve success because you're not showing respect to the audience."

The Room's success has made way for an Android version, which arrived in March; a free chapter update coming this summer; and a sequel due in the fall.

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