GMGC May Salon in Shanghai:Web Games – Mobile Games: Plow Forward or Talk Strategy?


It is becoming more and more apparent that 2013 is the breakout year for mobile games. The Internet is a restless place, and mobile internet is leading the race this spring. Many companies in China have broken the million-dollar barrier already this year and their growth in 2013 is still accelerating. Web-based and client-based developers are starting to realize that mobile is the future, and this is stimulating fierce competition.

Whether web-based or mobile-based, the Internet is a content-dominated beast. While 2011 was a huge year in China for web-based gaming, 2012 saw a slowdown as focus began to shift to mobile, and 2013 has so far seen mobile gaming take the lead. Big mobile developers have grown from mere dozens to over 200 since 2011, and the number of players has swelled to about 293 million. 

At the upcoming GMGC Salon, industry leaders from Beijing and Shanghai will come together to talk about the situation in web gaming and mobile gaming. The salon will be jointly launched between GMGC and CWAN.

Topic of the Shanghai Salon: Web Games – Mobile Games: Plow Forward or Talk Strategy?

The Salon will revolve around creative development, startups and technology in web and mobile games. 

Event Size: Panelists from both Beijing and Shanghai industry leaders, making up a total of 120 developers, manufacturers and distributors.

Organizing Body: GMGC and CWAN

Co-organizers: Dang Le Network, Linekong, Tencent Games, 91 Wireless.

Time: May 16th, 2013 

17:30-19:00 (Buffet dinner)

19:00-21:00 (Roundtable discussion)

Location: Shanghai Friendship Hotel, 159 Xinjinqiao Road

Cost: 200RMB (Buffet dinner included)


17:30-19:00     Registration, buffet dinner

19:00-19:05    Opening Remarks (David Song, Secretary-General, GMGC)

19:05-19:10    Opening Remarks (Chen Yichao, GM, CWAN)

19:10-20:10    First Dialogue:

Host: Chen Yichao, GM, CWAN


Wang Haibin, CEO, Taomee

Xu Bin, CEO,

Lin Qi, CEO,

Huang Yimeng, CEO, Xindong Games

20:10 – 21:10  Second Dialogue:

Host: David Song, Secretary-General, GMGC


Harry Xiao, CEO, Dang Le Network

Ye Yingtao, CEO, Ourpalm

Chen Min, VP, Konami

Zhang Jie, VP, Muhe Net

Liu Kun, GM, PopCap

Shen Ye, CEO, Soco Game